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Hsiao Shi-Ching The Nanshas (Spratlys) Disputes

Title: Hsiao Chi-Ching The Nanshas (Spratlys) Disputes
Date Added: (2006-03-11)
Author: Hsiao Shi-Ching 萧曦清
Imprint: Color Lithographic Press, Inc., Quezon City, The Philippines
Edition: First Edition 1975, Second Edition 1999 ISBN:
Pages: 190
Image: Hsiao Chi-Ching The Nanshas (Spratlys) Disputes Cover Hsiao Chi-Ching The Nanshas (Spratlys) Disputes Back Cover

目录/Table of Contents

  • Forewords
  • Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D. ...iii
    Hsiao Shiching ...iv
    Acknowledgement ...vii
      I. Introduction ...1
      II. Geographical Position ...3
      III.The Nanshas' Historical Grounds ...10
      IV. The "late" Claimant Countries ...15
      V. China's Defense of its Sovereignty over the Xisha and Nansha Islands ...25
      VI. "Kingdom of Humanity" ...32
      VII. Cloma and his "Freedomland" ...36
      VIII. Mitra's Fishing Story and the Development of Nansha Disputes ...58
      IX. The ROC-RP-ROV Confrontation ...73
      X. PRC-RP-SRV-Malaysia Contention on Militarization Exploitation Firefight and Negotiation in the Nanshas ...82
      XI. PRC-RP Mei Ji Tao Incidents ...90
      XII. PRC-RP Diplomatic Row Over Huang Yan Tao ...96
      XIII. PRC's Renovation of Structures in Mei Ji Tao and RP's Reactions ...102
      XIV. RP's Internationalization of the Nansha Issue and Development ...110
      XV. RP Navy Sinks PRC Fishing Vessels ...123
      XVI. Economic Resources and Strategic Importance ...140
      XVII. Controversies on RP's Claim to the "Sovereign Ownership" Over the KIG ...147
      XVIII. Bases of China's Sovereignty Over the Nanshas ...153
      XIX. Conclusion ...160
  • List of Maps
    1. I. Islands in South China Sea - Dongshas, Xishas, Zhongshas and Nanshas ...164
      II. Topography of South China Sea in Bird's Eye View ...165
      III. The Location of South China Sea Islands ...165
      IV. The Distribution of All Islets of Nanshas ...167
      V. On the Zhenghe's Nautical Chart of Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 - 1644), on which the Location of Xishas and Nanshas was Indicated ...168
      VI. The Distance Between South China Sea Islands and the Neighboring Countries ...169
      VII. The Shape of Taping (peace) Tao, the Biggest Island among Nansha Islands ...170
      VIII. Claims and Occupations in the Nansha Islands ...171
      IX. The Islands Occupied by the RP ...172
      X. The Relative Distances from Zhong Yeh Tao (Pagasa) (From the Filipino's Point of View) ...173
      XI. Map of the "Kalayaan Island Group" (Part of the Nanshas) ...174
      XII. Oil Fields and Concessions in the Nansha Islands ...175
  • List of Illustrations
    1. I. The Names of the Nansha Island Group ...176
      II. Estimates of Occupied Islands and Number of Troops in the Nanshas ...179
      III. Naval Balance in the Nanshas ...179
      IV. Air Power in the Nanshas ...180
      V. Comparative Study of the Provisions of the 1987, 1973 and the 1935 Philippine Constitution ...181
      VI. The Records on South Sea Islands in the Geographical Annals of Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907) ...182
      VII. The Chinese Taking-over of the Nanshas from Japan in 1946 ...183
      VIII. Freedomland North of Borneo, Freedomland includes 70,000 miles of Shallow Sea ...184
      IX. Tomas Cloma (in 1970s) ...185
      X. The Flag of "Freedomland" ...186
      XI. Aerial View of Zhong Yeh Island which RP Boasts of an Airstrip ...187
      RP Congressmen's Visit to Huang Yan Tao ...188
      Completed Meiji Tao Structure in Photo Taken February 5, 1999 by a Philippine Air Force Reconnaissance Plan ...189
    Cartoon I

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